The Future of Open

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A day of future scenarios for Open across different domains and disciplines.

And an opportunity to shape the first Open Institute in London.

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The Future of Open will be an introduction to some of the globally significant trends shaping our future.

We know that Open is more embedded in some domains and disciplines than others, and this emergence is creating some of the most fascinating and complex areas to explore.

How is Open shaping the future of your field? How could a new institute like the OI support innovation in Open?

Join us as we explore thought provoking and tough questions about what Open means for law, retail, agriculture, design, data, government, health, education, science, ethics, fashion, business… and ultimately our every day lives.

Got an Open idea? Email us to apply for a spot to share your idea for what you'd like to do or make through the OI.


      • Anab Jain
      • Ted Fellow, futurist, founder of Superflux.
      • OPEN FUTURES > Anab is a designer with a passion for creating opportunities and building tools that can lead us towards new and desirable futures. Educated in India, Vienna and London, she has over seven years experience in interaction and service design, research, filmmaking and speculative design.

      • Dr Rufus Pollock
      • Founder and Director of the Open Knowledge Foundation
      • Rufus is an adviser on open data to several governments. He has worked extensively as a scholar, coder and activist on the social, legal and technological issues related to the creation and sharing of knowledge.
      • David Saxby
      • Co-founder and Director, 00 Architecture
      • David is a qualified architect with experience in designing and delivering a wide range of sustainable building projects in the UK. 00 are the originators of the Open Institute concept.

      • Dr Catherine Muligan
      • Research Fellow, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
      • OPEN ECONOMICS > Catherine's research focuses on the value chains of ICT in smart cities, rural enterprises and the emerging industrial structure of the global economy.

        Digital Economy Lab

      • Chris Taggert
      • Co-founder OpenCorporates: The Open Database Of The Corporate World.
      • OPEN BUSINESS > OpenCorporates is the largest open database of companies and corporate data in the world.

      • Anthony Zacharzewski
      • Chief Executive, Demsoc
      • OPEN DEMOCRACY > Demsoc is a non-partisan membership organisation for democracy, participation and new ways of doing government.

      • Prof Matthew Steven Carlos
      • Assistant Director at European University for Interdisciplinary Studies
      • OPEN ETHICS > Expert in the philosophy of non-normative environments - where facts are uncertain, values in dispute, stakes high, and decisions urgent.

      • William Hammonds
      • Policy Researcher, Universities UK
      • OPEN EDUCATION > Will is researching into global trends affecting higher education and what this means for the environment in which universities operate, what they will be required to deliver in future, and how they will be structured and funded. 

      • Joost Beunderman
      • Principle author, Compendium for the Civic Economy
      • OPEN INNOVATION > Joost is also currently partnering with a large housing association in Birmingham to develop an ongoing investment fund to support youth led innovation in deprived neighbourhoods.

      • Jessi Baker
      • Designer & Technologist, Project Provenance
      • OPEN RETAIL > Jessi is exploring concepts for the future of the Internet and the evolution of retail. Project Provenance works with journalists and data experts to maximise transparency of information for products and makers. 

      • Amisha Ghadiali
      • Founder of Future Fashion, and Think Act Vote (?!X)
      • OPEN FASHION > Amisha hosts and curates a series called Future Fashion dedicated to the politics of dressing in an increasingly throwaway world. Her interest in what we can do today to create a brighter future led her to publish the collaborative book The Future We Choose through her radical think tank, Think Act Vote.

      • Robin Brownsell
      • Founder, Tusmor
      • OPEN FINANCE > Bringing innovation and new banks to the UK.

      • Leander Bindewald
      • Researcher, Complementary Currencies. New Economics Foundation
      • OPEN MONEY > Leander is working to develop an evaluation framework and training support for Complementary and Community Currencies.

      • Dr Helen Jackson
      • Open Healthcare UK
      • OPEN HEALTH > pursuit of good science and common sense, particularly within medicine, means that she is passionate about openness in healthcare IT and bringing good technology into clinical practice.

      • James Arthur
      • Founder OpenDesk, Developer FabHub
      • OPEN MANUFACTURING > FabHub is applying concepts from open-source software, crowdsourcing and the social web to industrial design and manufacturing.

      • Alastair Parvin
      • Co-Founder WikiHouse
      • OPEN ARCHITECTURE > WikiHouse is an open-source construction set that allows anyone to freely share model files for structures, which can then be downloaded, "printed" via CNC cutting machine and easily assembled.

      • Alexander Markham
      • Writer, teacher, farmer and entrepreneur
      • OPEN AGRICULTURE > Alex is the Director of AJ Russell & Sons Farms Ltd, his family business, which is currently stewarding the diversification of a 250 acre traditional dairy farm into a thriving community hub and conservation area.
      • Siddarth VijayaKumar
      • Co-founder, GrubClub
      • OPEN RESTAURANTS > GrubClub is part dining table in your house and part experimental kitchen - with a growing community of chefs, home cooks and food lovers.

      • YOU?
      • OPEN IDEA? What would you want to do through the OI?
      • Email us on for the opportunity to share your idea.

      • Annmarie Naylor
      • @CommonFutrs
      • OPEN IDEA > Community assets

      • Quentin Johns
      • @QuentinJohns1
      • OPEN IDEA > Data obesity

      • Alice Osbourne
      • @AliceOsborne
      • OPEN IDEA > Transforming care homes

      • Gareth Wall
      • @grthwll
      • OPEN IDEA > Local government

      • Simon Gough
      • @redfront
      • OPEN IDEA > Design for open making

      • Ed Dowding
      • @eddowding
      • OPEN IDEA > food and agriculture

      • David Bovil
      • @fortyfoxes
      • OPEN IDEA > Liquid democracy

      • Fred Garnett
      • @fredgarnett
      • OPEN IDEA > Ambient learning

10:00AM - 11:00AM BREAKFAST
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11:00AM - 11:30AM WELCOME
... to the Future of Open and the OI.
How Open is shaping our future.
What does Open mean in education, technology, design and business?
What do you want to make or do through the OI?
5-10min for sharing ideas. Email for a slot.
Supporting innovation in new domains.
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